Wedge Wizards Clinic - 3 hours

We offer a more detailed Wedge wizards series for half day. One of the keys to improving your scores is being a good distance wedge player. But how do we become good and what does good actually look like? In our Wedge Wizards coaching series you will learn the skills and the practice/training habits to take your distance wedge game to a new level.

 The coaching series will cover some of the following depending on the group.

Wedges what lofts – fitting for gapping yardages and loft, bounce shaft etc..

Bunker shots

Set-up fundamentals

Chip & Run

How to change distance - Yardages up to 100 yards using Trackman4

Lob shot

How to change flight, launch and spin

Pitching 50 to 100 yards

Bump and run shot

Bunker play

Awkward Lies slope and grass

Time       Players Price per person
3 hour 2 players €120pp
3 hour 3 players €90pp
3 hour 4 players €75pp
3 hour 5 or more €50pp

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