Group Lessons



1 hour Clinics

In these clinics you chose for your small or large group one topic from the list below and we will do the rest.  The sessions start with an explanation of the shot, the technique and some practical experience of the shot.

These 1 hour sessions are either organised by your group or we will be arranging sessions throughout the year.

Chip & Run


Lob shot


Pitching 50 to 100 yards


Bunker Play


Awkward Lies slope and grass


Choose the right shot

Half Day Clinic

Our half day clinics are a great way to have fun learning to improve with the best of technology in our Indoor Academy or on our short game Range.  Our Pros will share the Short Game secrets that will transform how you view the short game and go away with a clear system to allow you to vary ball flight and distance control.

Sample Itinerary for the day will look like this:

Morning (9.30am to 12.30pm)

  •  Short Game Assessment
  •  The Chip & Run - learn to hit the low, running chip and how to pick the right club
  •  The soft landing shot - learn to play a shot that is used from run off areas and when you have little green to work with!
  • Specialist Shots - We don't always get perfect lies! Learn how to adapt your set-up and action to play from the rough, bare lies and slopes.
  • Pitching - Using Trackman you will learn how to control your carry distance on that awkward 30-60 yard shot. Learn how to vary your ball flight and spin.

 Lunch in the clubhouse included in full day clinics– (12.30 to 1.30)

 Afternoon (1.30pm to 4.30pm)

  • Putting - Learn the key fundamentals all great players have when putting. You will use Sam Putt Lab, Puttview technology and various putting practice aids to really see what is going on in your stroke. You will also learn the best way to practice your putting.
  • Bunker Play - You will discover that bunker play is not that hard! You will improve both technically and crucially you will also be able to read the lie and adapt correctly.

WRAP UP - Chance to have some time to practice individually and go over some the new skills you have learned.

Time       Players Price per person
1 hour 2 players €40pp
1 hour 3 players €35pp
1 hour 4 players €30pp
1 hour 5 or more €30pp
Time       Players Price per person
3 hour 2 players €120pp
3 hour 3 players €90pp
3 hour 4 players €75pp
3 hour 5 or more €50pp

For further information to tailor your Clinic or to enquire contact the Pro Shop on 061352787 or email

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