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Brands we fit For: PING, Taylormade, Titleist, Mizuno, Callaway, Vokey, Odyssey, Scotty Cameron, SeeMore putters. 

Wedge fitting and gapping should also be considered when optimizing your set of clubs.   In order to be able to carry out custom golf wedge fitting, your PGA Professional will take the time to understand the types of shots you would like to play and if you play your golf primarily on inland or links conditions.  There are so many options of lofts and bounces these days that it often becomes very confusing as to what you should be using. The good news is we have Trackman4 and some specialised software for wedge fitting.

By today’s standards most pitching wedges are around 44 degrees of loft, give or take. Your wedge gapping needs to be even amount between them and the pitching wedge for example, 47 degree PW, 53 degree gap wedge and 59 degree lob wedge. That would be a 6 degree gap between each club. Some players prefer a 5 degree gap while others like to carry 4 wedges and have a 4 degree difference between them. These options will all be discussed with your fitter. The amount of bounce on each club needs to vary as well depending upon your swing shape, talent level and the turf you hit from.

It is critical by the end of the fitting that you are comfortable with the 60 to 120 yard shot as well as pitching and chipping with lofts you like.  This is an area of the game that is overlooked by amateurs and it’s an easy area to improve on.


  • Begin with a conversation on what you the golfer would like
  • Record your ball flight data while you hit balls with your current wedges
  • Record your ball flight data while you hit balls various custom fitting clubs available; Vokey would be our main wedge brand but we do have PING, Callaway and Taylormade
  • Compare the results between your clubs and our recommendations and see if there is a performance gain to making an equipment change
  • Discuss your results and offer our opinion on how we feel you might wish to proceed
  • We use Trackman 4 technology throughout all of our Custom Fitting Sessions to simulating playing conditions as much as possible
  • We will send you your club specification recommendations via email, after your session
  • Where requested, we can offer you a price – should you wish to purchase your clubs with us
  • We will not advise you to purchase any equipment in the absence of obvious benefits to your game
  • Full after sales care
  • We can have your new clubs shipped to you
  • We will double check your clubs when they arrive to ensure that they are as ordered

For more information on our full custom fit swing analysis please contact us on 061352787, email or book online here.

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