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Over time, the specifications of your clubs can change spec through wear and tear or your new set may not be suited to you. This can negatively affect the shots you hit. Retro-fitting takes your current equipment and adjusts it to your game making sure you get the most out of it. This can be a great cost efficient way to get the best out of your current clubs new or old and give you the confidence in tour equipment. All aspects of a club set up are covered in our retro-fitting services including:

Loft: This has a large bearing on distance. The incorrect set up can lead to losing as much as 20/30 yards. These bend over time and can be adjusted.

Shaft flex: If shafts are not suited to a player, it’s harder to time shots properly and can ingrain swing faults.  Shaft can soften over time.

Lie: How upright or flat clubs are is a major influence on strike and accuracy. These can change over time.

Grip size/type: Weather conditions, wear and tear and how often one plays and feel preference determine which grips suit best.

Shaft Length:  How tall a player is and the model of club used plays a big part in choosing the correct length of shaft.

Club gapping:  Fitting for a consistent gapping between clubs instils confidence in distance control.


  • Begin with a conversation on what you the golfer would like
  • Record your ball flight data while you hit balls with your current clubs
  • Discuss your results and offer our opinion on how we feel you might wish to proceed
  • We use Trackman 4 technology throughout all of our Custom Fitting Sessions to simulating playing conditions as much as possible
  • We will send you your club specification recommendations via email, after your session
  • Where requested, we can offer you a price – if we need to alter your clubs
  • We will not advise you to alter any equipment in the absence of obvious benefits to your game
  • Our Workshop can do most works so we can get your clubs altered quickly
  • Full after sales care

For more information on our full custom fit swing analysis please contact us on 061352787, email or book online here.

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